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Loovara lubricants, what are they?

Loovara lubricants/lubricants are medical products for use on the skin, in the intimate area, with condoms, our vaginal balls, our vibrators and the other sex toys.

They meet the strict requirements of the European "Directive 93/42 EEC on Medical Devices" and the German "Medical Devices Act". Their quality is guaranteed by the selected raw materials, controlled manufacturing processes and extensive testing. Our lubricants are positively tested for skin and mucous membrane compatibility, and condom compatibility is proven.

We have two different types of lubricants in our assortment,

  • water-based lubricants and
  • Silicone-based lubricants.

The former consist mainly of water. They do not cause a "sticky feeling", are completely washable with water, but can dry up.

Silicone-based lubricants are particularly economical to use, have a long-lasting effect, but are more difficult to remove from the skin, i.e. only with warm water and soap.

What do Loovara lubricants do?

As is generally known, lubricants are viscous liquids that act like a "lubricant".

They reduce friction and lubricity is improved. This can

  • Prevent pain and minor injuries during sexual acts,
  • supports their safety when used with condoms and
  • significantly improve sexual sensation, especially in cases of vaginal dryness.

Our lubricants combine with the body's own moisture to form a natural "lubricant" according to the motto: "Moist becomes even moister." So applying lubricants can be of medical benefit, but also contribute significantly to enriching your sex life.

How to apply Loovara lubricants?

Applying and spreading: Our lubricant packaging (bottles, tubes) allow for targeted dosing via the cap. You simply let the lubricant drip onto the body part, the condom unrolled on the erect penis or the sex toy and then spread it with your fingers. You can also drip the lubricant onto your hand/fingers and then use it to apply and spread it where desired.

It is recommended to wash your hands beforehand for hygienic reasons.

The amount of lubricant to be applied depends on the purpose of use and individual sensation, it can be tried out. If too little lubricant is applied, it is not properly "lubricated" and you can re-dose, too much lubricant is actually only unpleasant.

With condoms: The lubricant is applied to the condom already unrolled on the erect penis, on the condom tip, or you can spread it over the condom surface as you like. Please be careful when spreading so that the condom is not damaged by e.g. pointed fingernails.

Please be sure to also follow the instructions in the condom's directions for use.

With sex toys: All our water-based lubricants are suitable for use with our vaginal balls, vibrators and the other sex toys.

Silicone-based lubricants must not be used with our silicone sex toys or with other silicone items, as they may damage the surface of these products. Because silicone can dissolve out silicone With our other sex toys, these lubricants can of course be used.

How can Loovara lubricants be removed?

From the skin or mucous membrane: It is not necessary to remove the lubricants Because, even if they remain on the skin or mucous membrane after use, they "do no harm".

If they do need to be removed, then the water-based lubricants can be washed off with water without leaving any residue. Silicone-based lubricants are removed with warm water and soap. Vaginal rinses are not recommended.

From the sex toy:

Lubricants should be removed in the same manner as from the skin or mucous membrane.

As a general rule: for hygienic reasons, sex toys should always be cleaned before and after each use. Our cleaning spray "Loovara My Little Dirty Boy" is ideal for this purpose.

Is there anything else to consider?

Pregnancy prevention and protection against infections: Our lubricants are not contraceptives, do not contain spermicidal agents and do not provide protection against infection.

If you wish to have a child: Gynecologists recommend using lubricants sparingly if you wish to have a child, or to be on the safe side, leave them out altogether, as they could make conception more difficult.

If the lubricant causes problems: When looking for incompatible, e.g. allergy-causing substances, you can check the product's labeling under "Ingredients (INCI):" before use. If incompatibilities occur, please remove the product as described and consult a doctor if necessary.

And if there are still questions: Contact us. Your doctor, your pharmacist or even a sex counseling center can certainly help you as well.

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