Valuations, prejudices, fear of contact, taboos! Even in 2022, sex is not just fun, it has to be justified to yourself and others.

Whatever your preferences, who you love or what you love, do it however you feel like it. Whether you're a man, a woman, hetero-, homo- or bi-sexual, the main thing is to let it happen and clear your mind. Sex is much more fun then.


No matter who with whom, how or what, we are convinced that there are no taboos as long as it feels good.

And so that it really does feel good and you have the security of being able to enjoy all your types of play, our products are made from high-quality ingredients, meet the highest quality standards and are developed entirely in Germany.

In addition, many of our products are already microplastic-free and based on purely natural ingredients. Our condoms, for example, are made from natural & fair-trade rubber in a vegan and sustainable way. For good sex and a good conscience.

We are constantly working on making our range even more sustainable and of course ship our products CO2 neutral directly to your home.

Discreetly, of course.

Started at the end of 2016 as an oneman show in Berlin with two products, we are now an international team of experts, deliver to over 60 countries worldwide and offer more than 100 different products around the topic of sexual wellbeing and intimate care.

We don't have a product for your particular preference yet?Then let us know!