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KUSCHEL DE KOKO - Prime Line (100ml)

The Loovara "Kuschel de Koko" massage oil with coconut and shea butter smells wonderfully of coconut and provides a very special supple skin after the pampering massage.

GUT & MÖSE - Premium Lube (150 ml)

Unlimited sex pleasure with our lubricant gel! The water-based Loovara "Gut & Möse" lubricant gel with panthenol moisturizes and supports the natural protective function of the skin without irritating it.

LOOVARA CONDOME - 3 pieces in the size of your choice

Every penis is unique. One size fits all does not exist. We at Loovara have seven different condom sizes for you, all of which are super true to touch and fit perfectly, neither constricting your penis nor leaving too much room for maneuver. You could say: it fits like a glove and that's how it should feel.