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Choose your condom size and receive a year's supply of 126 vegan and fair trade Loovara condoms and a 1 liter Loovara Lubricant with Aloe Vera.

LOOVARA CONDOMS - 126 pieces in the size of your choice

Every penis is unique. One size fits all does not exist. We at Loovara have seven different condom sizes for you, all of which are super true to touch and fit perfectly, neither constricting your penis nor leaving too much room for maneuver. You could say: it fits like a glove and that's how it should feel.

1L LONG-NIGHT-STAND Lubricant with Aloe Vera

Our LongNightStand 1 liter water-based lube with aloe vera and convenient pump dispenser won't let long nights go dry. The lubricant gel is a class II medical device and therefore manufactured to the highest quality standards in the European Union. It is condom safe and suitable for vaginal and anal intercourse.

    Product details

        Volume: 1000 ml
        Ingredients: Aqua, glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, phenoxyethanol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, allantoin, benzoic acid.
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